A Belly Dancer's Feet

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Hello, my name is Lotus and I'd like to welcome you to my site. During the weekdays I am your average female on the outside. I wear high heels, skirts, pants, and shirts but on the inside I have a secret. When I am away from the boring suburban world I love to dress up in silks, let the music move me, and belly dance for fun. I do it everywhere from renaissance fairs to the bedroom but now you can see me dance for you. Cum pull up a pillow and watch my tiny but busty figure be guided by my little size 6 1/2 feet on the plush carpets, cool floors, and warm firm skin of another body as my skirts tease you by exposing my feet, ankles, legs, and more...


Learn about my other love of renaissance fairs where I wear corsets pushing my breasts into a shelf and where my skirts find themselves hiked up. I find glee in lace, swords, punishment and sexual inuendoes. The smell of leather makes me long for my overdue punishment at times but also makes me wish to punish others in high heels if they have been naughty. Of course with all this action my feet need taking care of and I deserve to be pampered. I adore getting foot massages, pedicures and more.

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